Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the systematic recording and organization of a companies financial transactions. These financial records provide insight into a companies financial health and empowers business owners to make informed decisions. A trained and competent bookkeeper is essential in maintaining a companies financial health.

Vickie DiMambro - Owner / Lead Bookkeeper

Professional Bookkeeper & Quickbooks Pro Advisor

  Vickie has been providing bookkeeping services in the Truckee Meadows for 11 years. She has helped clients of various sizes and types clean up incomplete or incorrect QuickBooks files, bring them up to date, and learn to use their financial information to grow their business and make good decisions. She listens carefully to her clients to determine ways to provide them with the most relevant information possible.

Experience Matters

 Vickie has over 30 years of accounting experience, ranging from start up companies to major airlines, and a lot of in between. Some of the industry types that she has worked with include artists, animated motion pictures, virtual receptionists, carpet cleaners, fire and water restoration, various charaties and  non-profits, municipal government services, major event planner and organizer, used car dealerships, and many more.  

Customized Financials

   Vickie strongly believes that good financial information is key to developing, and growing a business, and she uses QuickBooks desktop software to customize that information to fit YOUR needs. 

Christine Cameron - Bookkeeper

Accounting and Business Experience Matters

 Chris has a masters degree in accounting and finance from the University of Utah, She has been the controller for Zion’s Mortgage Company, and the global sales manager for Financial Engineering Associates. Most recently, Chris has been a successful small business owner selling her business in 2018 to move to Reno, Nevada.

Having been a successful business owner, Chris understands the challenges and needs of small business owners and is ready to use that knowkedge as a bookkeeper to help your business grow.

Involved in Her Community

Community is important to Christine and she serves her community through her church, Palomino Valley Bible Fellowship. She is looking for opportunities to serve through volunteer work and education. 



Bookkeeping Services

To support your companies bookkeeping needs, Pyramid Business Services provides the following bookkeeping services:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll

QuickBooks Setup and Training

  We believe that for most businesses, the full installation of QuickBooks desktop is the best option for managing your financials when compared to QuickBooks online. The decision on which version of Quickbooks to use really depends on the needs of the business. To ensure that your QuickBooks and company files are correctly setup, we provide installation by an Intuit certified QuickBooks Pro Adviser. To equip you for continued success using your QuickBooks, we provide training on an as requested basis.

QuickBooks Desktop Hosting

  Maintaining your companies financial records in a secure and disaster resilient environment should be important to any business. To help support this, we provide QuickBooks desktop hosting in the Amazon (AWS) cloud. Hosting your QuickBooks desktop in AWS is not the same as the Intuit provided QuickBooks online. This is the full and feature rich desktop version of Quickbooks that for many businesses provides needed functionality not found with QuickBooks online. 

Hosting your QuickBooks in the AWS cloud provides the following benefits:

  • Your QuickBooks is hosted in secure professionally managed enterprise class datacenters
  • Access your financials and QuickBooks desktop anywhere in the world
  • Company files and other financial data securely stored and backed up in Amazon's S3 storage cloud. This storage has an advertised durability of - 99.999999999%
  • Company files and other financial data are encrypted when moved to  S3 storage providing an additional layer of security
  • Company files and other financial data can be made accessible from local desktops
  • AWS provides a highly available, disaster resilient and recoverable environment for your QuickBooks


QuickBooks Setup


I hired Vickie to set up my QuickBooks for my business and have used it for approximately 10 years.   Over the course of time, I have not had to make changes since it was so well thought out. Vickie was able to devise a system for recording transactions that was very efficient to this day.  Her forethought, planning and knowledge of QuickBooks has made my world of accounting my easier.  I can track transactions and correlate to my commission statements with ease.  In addition, reports to pull out relevant information because of her design are easy to run and understand.

Thank you for a job well done!


Linda Lovie

Financial Advisor

Investment Advisor Representative